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Daeoria (Day-OR'-ee-ah) was originally conceived under the 1st edition rules in the early days of D&D in the late 1970s and early '80s. It was revised for AD&D, then for 2nd edition rules, and then again for the 3.5 version of D&D. After discussing it with all participants it has been revised (yet again) for the Pathfinder rule system.

All the old movers and shakers of Daeoria are still there: Maexon (May'-zon), the Elven Magic User; Tonsu, Maexon's Yeti Paladin companion; and their arch nemesis, Xox (Zoks), the evil White Dragon.


A Plea For Help . . .

You've come to Daeoria looking for adventure and wealth as was suggested by a hand bill posted near the portal on the world where you came from. The hand bill was signed by someone named Maexon. This Maexon seems to want to recurit adventurers willing to help fight an evil plaguing his people. You were only barely able to come up with the gold it cost to be interdimensionally transported to Daeoria. You're almost broke! (GP in pocket = 2d8)


The World of Daeoria

The world of Daeoria is comprised mostly of water. There are a few groups of small islands scattered around the world, and fewer still relatively large islands, but only one large (approximately the size of the Eurasian continent) land mass, the continent after which the world is named: Daeoria.

Travelers to Daeoria arrive by interplanar transport in the city of Ashtakahr (Ahsh'-tah-kar) on Daeoria's southern coast, the largest city on the continent, and probably in all of Daeoria. (See this PDF.) The process typically goes as follows:

  1. PC finds a wizard who specializes in interplanar travel and knows of Daeoria.
  2. At considerable expense, the wizard magically transports the PC to the astral plane near the Daeorian portal.
  3. PCs must make their way through the astral plane from their arrival point to the Daeorian portal.
  4. PC then emerges from the Daorian portal in the city of Ashtakahr.

Orgar's Tale

Read Orgar's Tale for an example of a story of someone leaving his world and coming to Daeoria.


The management of Ashtakahr is handled by a race of large, brooding characters wearing hoods and cloaks that most sensible people don't want to mess with. The laws of Ashtakahr are strictly enforced, most penalties are either enslavement or death.

Most of what is known about the world of Daeoria, by those outside of Daeoria, has been compiled and disseminated by the elven wizard, Maexon, as part of his ongoing efforts to enlist the aid of good and noble persons to help overthrow the evil forces that dominate and rule his home world.

This information on these pages is provided to help prepare those who come to Daeoria to survive in a hostile and dangerous world.

This information must, of necesity, be incomplete and even sometimes misleading. Because the material is so widely and indiscrimanently disseminated, it must be assumed that it will, at times, fall into the hands of those Maexon wishes to see fall. Therefore, he must omit information that would identify the individuals who fight against the evil oppressors. He must not identify cities, towns, regions or individuals that give aid and shelter to those who oppose evil.

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